The Rivals Audition

Saturday, January 14th 2017

Coastal Repertory Theatre is pleased to announce OPEN CALL AUDITIONS for:



Wickedly witty, this comic masterpiece written over 200 years ago crackles with humor. Duels, duplicities and disguises abound in this timeless comedy. The Rivals will be performed in high comic farce. First performed in 1775, it was George Washington’s favorite play. Please come prepared to read from the script and you should attempt a British accent.

AUDITION DATE: (one day only)

Saturday, January 14th

•  Open call auditions (starts at 10am)


Coastal Repertory Theater
1167 Main Street, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019


•  Friday and Saturday nights, Sunday Matinees
•  March 24th – April 15th, 2017


Sir Anthony Absolute – A wealthy country gentleman who assumes that those around him will naturally obey his wishes, he has a terrible temper but is also quick to forgive.

Captain Jack Absolute – Sir Anthony’s son, he is enamored of Lydia Languish, and has disguised himself as Ensign Beverley in order to win her hand. Despite the revelation of his deception, he and Lydia wind up together.

Fag – Jack’s “gentleman’s gentleman,” he often carries messages and transmits information.

Julia Melville – Sir Anthony’s ward and Lydia’s cousin, she is in love with Faulkland. She is easily the most sensible of the four young lovers in the story.

Mrs. Malaprop – Elderly aunt of Lydia who controls her fortune, she butchers the English language in accordance with her name.

Lydia Languish – Mrs. Malaprop’s niece, she is a hopeless romantic as a result of her obsession with romance novels. She longs to fall in love with a poor man like Ensign Beverley, elope, and be deprived of her inheritance for  love, and is terribly disappointed when she finds out that Jack is wealthy, and that their elders approve of  the match.

Lucy – Mrs. Malaprop’s maid, she is adept at playing all sides against the middle for her own benefit. Her willingness to spread the information she knows for pecuniary advantage helps drive the plot.

Faulkland – A friend of Jack Absolute, he is in love with Julia Melville. He is a melancholy lover who is only happy when he is miserable, and is constantly convincing himself that Julia doesn’t really love him and taking her words in the worst possible light. She nonetheless forgives him in the end, and they get together.

Bob Acres – A country simpleton who tries to rise in the world by offering himself as a suitor to Lydia, he never has a chance, and is manipulated into a duel he doesn’t want by Sir Lucius. He ultimately gives up any claim on Lydia and gladly foregoes the duel.

David – Bob Acres’ servant, he is a cowardly country bumpkin.

Sir Lucius O’Trigger – An Irish nobleman with a hair-trigger temper who loves to fight duels and encourage others to do the same, he is involved in an anonymous romance by letter with a woman who he thinks is Lydia, but in reality is Mrs. Malaprop. When he finds out he has been deceived, he gladly gives up Lydia to Jack, but refuses to pursue a romance with Mrs. Malaprop.