Friday June 10th - Sunday July 3rd, 2016

Distracted 2016-10-30T18:43:45+00:00

By Lisa Loomer

Is nine year old Jesse dysfunctional, or just different? Join us for this hilarious, provocative and poignant look at a modern family and their problem. Although he is mostly heard rather than seen, Jesse is the focus of this show — you see, Jesse may have ADD, and his parents are being strongly urged to medicate him. Although this may not seem the dilemma on which to build a play, this theatrically irreverent show does a stellar job of creating a confusing world, and even occasionally has the actors break character for comic effect. This sharply observant, surprisingly humane play may raise more questions than it answers about the impacts of our 24/7 info-rich world.

Director – Elise Hunt

Artistic Director – Michael Lederman


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