Big, The Musical

Friday July 29th - Sunday August 28th, 2016

Big, The Musical 2016-10-30T18:43:45+00:00

By John Weidman, David Shire and Richard Maltby, Jr.

This endearing story is the musical adaptation of the 1988 Tom Hanks film. Josh Baskin, a 12-year-old who grows up overnight after being granted a wish by a Zoltar machine at a carnival must cope with his new adulthood while finding the machine so that he can wish himself back to childhood. Playful and sometimes profound songs are the backdrop for Josh’s relationship with his two most important women: his mom and Susan Lawrence, the executive at the toy company where Josh winds up working. This playful, must-see adventure will remind you of your own Childhood zest for discovery.

Directed and Choreographed by Kimberly Krol

Artistic Director – Michael Lederman


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