The Clean House

June 9th – July 2nd, 2017

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The Clean House
Written by Sarah Ruhl.

“One of the finest and funniest new plays you are likely to see.” -NY Times

Theatrical and wildly funny, this play takes place in the home of a married couple who are both doctors. They have hired a housekeeper named Matilde, an aspiring comedian from Brazil who is far more interested in coming up with the perfect joke than in house- keeping. Lane, the woman of the house, has an eccentric sister named Virginia who is nuts about house cleaning. She and Matilde become fast friends and Virginia takes over the house cleaning while Matilde works on her jokes. Trouble comes when Lane’s husband reveals he has met his soulmate Anna, a woman he has operated on. This fresh, original comedy takes a whimsical and poignant look at class, comedy and the true nature of love.

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