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Coastal Repertory Theatre was founded in 1986 to bring high quality theatrical entertainment to the Coastside. In 1993 the theater found a home in the Mel Mello Center for the Performing Arts in Half Moon Bay.

An artistic beacon of the Coastside, Coastal Rep is a non-profit theatre. Our theatrical talent is drawn from the Coastside and the greater Bay Area.

We are proud of our productions performed in an intimate 158 seat theatre.

Artistically, our goal is to present excellent performances of plays and musicals that are joyous, hilarious, touching, provocative, inspiring, and above all, entertaining.

For the people involved with Coastal Rep, it’s a labor of love – love of the arts. Time and creative energy are given tirelessly. And while all of us receive personal satisfaction from our participation, we are also in it for the greater good: the contribution that performing arts make in enriching the community.

You can find more specific information about the theatre organization and budget here.

Coastal Rep is a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, registered in California.

Our Mission

Coastal Rep is a community that surprises, inspires and delights its patrons with memorable dramatic, musical and comedic performances.

Coastal Rep provides opportunities for artistic development in all aspects of the theatre. Coastal Rep’s outreach and discovery of new talent creates excitement and energy like no other Bay Area theatre.

Coastal Rep’s Coastal Theatre Conservatory (CTC) delivers a program to youth that unleashes their potential and fosters a passion for the arts.